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Postby Jane » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:33 pm

We are delighted to announce that, following a successful test in July, the first stage of the launch of our new software, QUEST, is now underway. It will hopefully enable quizzers to take part in the BQA’s monthly individual Grand Prix quizzes and the Hot 100 without having to travel too far from home.

We are now calling for venues. Applications to run venues need to be with us by 7pm UK time on 22 July. Venues will be announced on 23 July along with detailed instructions about how to take part.

The following information explains what’s required of host and also invites you to let potential hosts know that you might be interested in taking part in their area, so please do read on…

Initially, we would like to see around 12 sites in the UK, including a ‘travelling quiz’ hosted by Chris that will start in October. We hope to see QUEST sites in England, Scotland and Wales, covering as broad an area as possible. We will be happy to extend this to more sites once we’re established and any teething problems have been ironed out.

Ideally, we are hoping to have sites in the following areas:

Scotland (Edinburgh)
Scotland (Glasgow)
Scotland (Aberdeen, Perth or Inverness)
Wales (North)
Wales (South)
England (South West)
England (Midlands)
England (North West)
England (North East)
England (South East)
England (London)
• Chris’s Travelling Quiz (the first of these to be in October 2016)

Each of these has a clickable link so people can indicate if they are likely to come, to give potential hosts an idea about roughly how many people they need to cater for. It might well be that we need to revise the above list once we have an idea about numbers in each area, but we want to keep the numbers of sites manageable to give us chance to sort out any potential issues that might crop up. In particular, we want to make sure that our queries system can cope before we roll-out fully. Your assistance and understanding with this will be greatly appreciated. Please bear with us.

How to apply to host a site

We welcome applicants who would like to host an event. Applicants should be individuals who are already playing in the British Quiz Circuit, applying either in their own right or on behalf of an established, reputable, non-profit making quiz league. In order to run a QUEST Grand Prix, here are some things you should consider:

• Is there good WiFi at your venue? This is essential to submit scores and resolve any queries as we aim to have results up very quickly.
• Do you have a good working laptop? You will need this in order to access our results uploading page. You are probably better using a laptop than a tablet as it will be easier to enter the scores if you have a bigger screen and a proper keyboard.
• Is the venue quiet and does it have plenty of seating for the number of participants you hope will come along?
• Is the venue accessible? People will be travelling by car and by public transport, so it’s good to have parking on site and a train station nearby. We also have a number of players who have disabilities, so good disabled access is very helpful.
• Do you have someone who is not participating who can receive and print out the questions and provide them to you in a sealed envelope to be opened in front of the room? This will enable you to take part in the quiz and is how the Hot 100 is run currently, so hopefully it will work for this too. If it seems too problematic, we might print and post out the questions.
• Will you be able to attract at least six players (including the proctor if he/she is playing)?
• Can a ‘Quiz Guardian’ attend? See more about this later.
• Is there already an event in your area?
• Is there an additional cost for the venue that you will need to add to the price of entry?
• Will you be running any additional quizzes as part of your event? (We are happy for this to happen especially if it will raise money to support a quiz league, but we would ask that people be allowed to just do the Grand Prix and Hot 100 if they so choose.)

What are the duties of the host?

• To send Jane the details of your venue at least two weeks before the event, so she can put it up on the web. (This will change with further releases of the software, where you will be able to post details of your event yourself.) You can promote your event via Meetup and whichever resources are available to you in your area.
• To enter the names of the quizzers coming to your venue into the system two days BEFORE the event.
• To follow existing rules. It is envisaged that all hosts will be familiar with the rules of our existing events and will run their events in accordance with these established rules and timings. These will be sent to all hosts.
• To input the results into our system in timely fashion – preferably by around 3.00pm, which we hope will give us all time to check queries and amend scores if necessary. (This will change later as people will be able to enter their own results. When this happens, the host will need to check the results that have been entered and assist anyone who is having problems uploading theirs).
• To ensure there is no cheating.
• To collect players’ monies and pass on to Quizzing after deducting any share you are due.
• To liaise with Jane in the event of any queries on the questions or answers. We will set up a group just for hosts, so you can tell us about any issues, see issues already posted and see our responses as quickly as possible.

What’s in it for the host?

• The event host gets to play for free. If the host isn’t playing, he or she can pass their free place on to an individual (perhaps as a prize or a gift) or to the group, reducing the price for all players. Or you can sell your free place. It’s entirely up to you.
• In addition to this, for every paying player over 10 that you have, the host will receive £1 for each of these paying players. We hope this will either make a bit of money for an individual, or raise money for a quiz league or charity. Again, this is up to you.
• The host will also be able to keep £1 of every player’s entry fee to cover printing costs.

So, for the first 10 paying players, the host will keep £1/player and will get to play for free. For all additional players, the host will keep £2/player.

Can we do more than the BQA’s individual quiz and the Hot 100?

Yes. We are very happy for you to run team quizzes or whatever you like as part of your event, just so long as this does not prevent you from posting Grand Prix scores etc. by the due time, and as long as players can just play the Grand Prix and Hot 100 if they wish.

What’s a Quiz Guardian?

A Quiz Guardian is someone known and respected on the existing quiz circuit. Someone who is well-known and who we have plenty of empirical data on. They are appointed to help protect the integrity of the events and our ranking points system, and to ensure our quiz is not brought into disrepute. They can also assist the host if necessary.

A site MUST have at least one Quiz Guardian in attendance in order for the site’s event to attract rankings points. We are in the happy position of having a large number of quizzers who fit the bill and so we don’t think it will be a problem for a venue.

A Quiz Guardian can be the event proctor.

All quizzers attaining the level of Candidate Master or above (or players we deem appropriate) at the will be Quiz Guardians. In addition, persons known to and trusted by the BQA directors - either through Grand Prix attendance, or by virtue of being respected officials of well-regarded quiz leagues – may be appointed.

This is a full list of the current Quiz Guardians:

Adrian Chalkley
Alan Gibbs
Andrew Frazer
Andrew Teale
Andy Tucker
Anne Hegerty
Barbara Thompson
Barry Howbridge
Barry Simmons
Chris Jones
Chris Quinn
Clive Dunning
David Bill
David Edwards
David Good
David Harris
David Hesp
David Lea
David McBryan
David Stainer
David Taylor
Diane Hallagan
Didier Bruyere
Dorjana Sirola
Eric Wildsmith
Ewan McNaught
Gareth Aubrey
Gareth Kingston
Gerard Mackay
Holger Waldenburger
Hugh Bennett
Iain Thoms
Ian Bayley
Ian Clark
Ian Orriss
Ian Welham
Iwan Thomas
Jamie Dodding
Jamie Hall
Jenny Ryan
John Hall
John Wilson
Josh Mandel
Kathryn Johnson
Keith Andrew
Kevin Ashman
Kevin Jones
Lorcan Duff
Mark Grant
Mark Henry
Mark Kerr
Mark Rae
Mark Ryder
Mark Walton
Martin Wightman
Michael McPartland
Neil Macaskill
Nic Paul
Nick Archer
Nick Mills
Olav Bjortomt
Pat Gibson
Paul Hillman
Paul Sinha
Paul Steeples
Peter Watson
Phil Bennion
Phil Smith
Rob Hannah
Rob Sutherland
Roderick Cromar
Scott Dawson
Sean Carey
Steve Dodding
Stuart Finlayson
Tim Westcott
Tom Trogh
Tony Walmsley
William De'Ath

Initiatives to prevent cheating and maintain the integrity of the events and rankings points

While we’re explaining the purpose of the Quiz Guardians, now seems to be a good time to explain some of the other measures we will be employing to prevent cheating and to protect the rankings system and events that we have spent many years establishing and building up.

- Quiz Guardians. There must always be a Quiz Guardian at a site before rankings points will be awarded.
- All venues must have at least six participants. This is because the more people there are in attendance, the harder it is to cheat, and the harder also to keep cheating a secret afterwards.
- If you suspect foul play, you can go and quiz at the suspected venue to monitor it for yourself. Indeed, we welcome players visiting each others' sites.
- Venues outside of the UK can only play the quizzes after those in the UK have concluded.
- Only UK sites will be able to have BQA Rankings Points. This is because it is simply too difficult to police players abroad. Believe us, we have a lot of experience in this area. Players from abroad will be able to see how they did against everyone. Two scoreboards will be published – a UK one with rankings points and a global one (including UK players) without rankings points.
- UK players, playing abroad will not be able to get rankings points for an event.

When will the quiz be played?

• UK venues will be required to play at the established time on the first Saturday of the month, 11.30am to 1.00pm local time, with marking following immediately afterwards.
• As venues around the globe will be in different time zones, we will expect all participants, in the UK and elsewhere, to maintain e-mail and social media silence on the questions/answers until 3pm UK time on the Sunday. Local proctors will remind players that breach of this protocol may lead to players being barred from future events.
• In the UK, the British Quizzing Championships, World Quizzing Championships and the January event will be run in the way that they have always been run, with people travelling to get together to quiz. This is to maintain the social side of the events and also to ensure we have data on players that has been gathered in a controlled environment.

What is ‘Chris’s Travelling Quiz’?

Starting in October, Chris will host quizzes in most months in places that are interesting, but that are perhaps too far off the beaten track to have been used for full Grands Prix events. Places like Wells in Somerset, Hay-on-Wye and Durham are all in the pipeline. The idea is that, for anyone who would like a good excuse to visit some of these places, you can meet up with Chris, quiz and then go exploring some of these wonderful places with other like-minded friends.

How to take part as a player

• You will need to register with your local venue/proctor at least two days BEFORE the event. You will not be able to just turn up. This is because all names need to be entered into the system BEFORE the event and because it is very difficult for a host to run an event when they have no idea how many people might come along. Papers etc. have to be printed in advance.
• Once you have registered, you can just turn up and play.

What is the cost?

• The cost is £12.50 for the BQA individual paper, with the Hot 100 also being included free of charge. £1.00 of this is for the host (after 10 paying players) and £1.00 to cover printing.
• Full-time students who can provide evidence of their current enrolment will be charged £6.25. £1.00 of this is for the host (after 10 paying players) and £1.00 to cover printing.
• The host may choose to charge more in order to cover the cost of the venue, food or if they are running a quiz afterwards that they wish to make chargeable. This is fine and we do not expect to receive any of this additional money. We are very happy for you to use these events as part of fundraisers for not-for-profit quiz leagues. It is our hope that these events can be used to help support the leagues and university quiz societies in particular. However, we do ask that players just be allowed to take part in the BQA element of the day if that is their wish.

What if I just want to play the Hot 100?
• It will still be possible to play just the Hot 100 under the existing rules that are laid out on the website.

Any questions?
Please direct all requests to apply to run a QUEST centre and any queries to – all successful applicants will be sent full instructions.

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