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Brows Quiz 2017

Postby Chris » Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:34 pm

OK and with the scores in we can announce that Ian Bayley (45/50) is our 2017 Highbrow Champion, and Michael McPartland (41/50) is our Lowbrow Champion. Ian emerges in first place overall because his Lowbrow result (23rd of 134) was better than Mike’s still creditable highbrow effort (67th of 135). Behind them in third to fifth places overall were Pat Gibson, Kevin Ashman, and Paul Sinha, in that order.

You can view the results HERE. Once again, thanks all for taking part and for supporting/facilitating the event. And of course thanks to Jack Bennett for the questions!

HERE is an explanation of the format/rules/tiebreak procedure for the quiz.
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