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Re: The Great Escape - KQA MinsdSweep 2.0

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:35 pm
by Chris
A really tasty carvery, and a super quiz for starters. 'The Great Escape' house-real ale was on form too!

I'm delighted we made double figures and am very appreciative of how far some people came, Andy and Eric in particular.

These are the scores being notified to Arul and the KQA bods (the numbers represent aggregate + Part I/Part II scores. Max possible was 210, i.e. 105 + 105).

117 [56/61] Pat Gibson - a performance one can only describe as majestic.

99 [53/46] Anne Hegerty
95 [48/47] Andy Tucker
92 [37/55] Barry Simmons
83 [38/45] Chris Jones
72 [31/42] Iwan Thomas
71 [29/42] Eric Wildsmith
70 [37/33] Diane Hallagan
67 [27/40] Martin Croke
65 [38/27] Scott Dawson

I'd be grateful if participant could each supply me with subject-by-subject scores which I will feed-into the KQA - it's important I get these as they may be needed to separate ties. As soon as I get word on international results I'll put up the link. So, however, from past experience, we shouldn't expect to see a complete run-down of scores before this time next week.

Re: The Great Escape - KQA MinsdSweep 2.0

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:03 pm
by Ambassador
That's 48/47. But only you, me and Arul care

Apologies, have corrected. Ed.

Re: The Great Escape - KQA MinsdSweep 2.0

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:08 pm
by Chris
Ha! The full Mindsweep 2.0 results are up. And well done the UK! Four of the top five scores came from our venue! All of our participants finished in the top 30.

As perhaps expected, Pat Gibson retained his crown with a phenomenal score of 117. The geography-wise list of winners is as follows:

Scotland: Anne Hegerty (99)
USA: Joshua Kosman (96)
India: Swaminathan G. (82)
Wales: Iwan Thomas (72)
Singapore: Jake Jacobs (63)
Norway: Knut Heggland (62)
UAE: Nikhil Soneja (58)
Germany: Sebastian Klussmann (56)
Netherlands: Marcel Visschers (46)
Malaysia: G. Sivapatham (20)

A tremendous set of results for the UK, although, to be fair, the fact that even we were pushed to get through all the questions in the time allowed indicates why, perhaps, the Norwegian scores were lower than (I at least) expected. The same might be said for Germany and the Netherlands, indeed anyone for whom English speed-reading does not come naturally!