October Grand Prix - Sat 4th

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October Grand Prix - Sat 4th

Postby Chris » Fri Sep 26, 2014 4:43 pm

We are delighted to be heading to Birmingham city centre on Saturday 4 October for our next Quizzing Grand Prix, the second of the 2014/15 season. As well as the regular individual quiz for UK rankings points, and an internationally flavoured Hot 100 quiz for global bragging rights, we are very pleased to be able to present a team quiz by Tony Gold, a very highly regarded setter indeed whose questions always entertain while taxing your grey cells.

For many years Tony wrote the CIU national team competition quizzes - a replacement having been found solely because Tony wanted a chance to take part himself. Anyway, ad hoc teams will be assembled by your hosts on the day ensuring both a level playing field for all, and the opportunity to get to know one another a little better.

The meeting space we will be using in the Grade II listed Birmingham and Midland Institute is the ‘Dickens Room’, so named in honour of the fact the author Charles Dickens was an early president, having given recitals in the Town Hall to raise funds for its building. He would no doubt approve the fact that the BMI contains the 100,000 volumes of the original Birmingham Library, founded in 1779. Other past Presidents include Canon Charles Kingsley, author of ‘Westward Ho!’ and ‘The Water-Babies’ (19th President, 1872) and the celebrated composer, Sir Arthur Sullivan, (35th President, 1888).

11:00 - 11:30 Registration
11:30 - 13:00 Individual Grand Prix Quiz
13:00 - 13:30 Marking
13:30 - 14:45 Lunch break (see note immediately beneath schedule)
14:45 - 16:30 Team Quiz
16:30 - 16:45 Results and Prizes
16:45 - 17:30 Hot 100 Individual Quiz (see note)
17:30 - 17:45 Answers and Close

Note, important: Due to the venue’s limited catering facilities (which are in any event open to other members of the public) and its tragic lack of a bar, we will not be providing lunch on this occasion. Instead we’re having a slightly extended lunch break to enable people to patronise the numerous outlets available within a couple of minutes-walk of the BMI. Likewise, should you require a ‘liquid lunch’, we can point you toward some excellent hostelries in the immediate vicinity. This variation from the normal arrangements is reflected in the price being levied for attendance.

We would also point out to people that under the ‘Conditions of Hire’: “…Customers are not permitted to consume their own food and drink on the premises.” Our emphasis

HOT 100
As per usual, we will be running the Hot 100 quiz after the day’s other results and prizes/medals etc. are attended to. We would be delighted if you chose to stay and quiz on with us but, should you prefer to take a copy of the paper away with you and play for fun, or if you are able to get together in groups and take the quiz elsewhere (e.g. on the train back to London perhaps, or even in some drinking establishment) then please feel free to do so. Otherwise, stick around and quiz with us!

Entry fee for the full day, covering all quizzes is £20. First-timers get half-price entry.

There is a sign-up thread HERE.

Birmingham Midland Institute
Dickens Room
9 Margaret Street
Birmingham B3 3BS
Tel / Fax: 0121 236 1233

There is on-street parking outside the venue albeit it is pricey and limited to 2 hours duration. Accordingly, you are strongly advised to consider using one of the long stay multi-story car parks in the locale (e.g. Charlotte Street, Lionel Street, Newhall Street, Paradise Circus, or Snow Hill) or consider driving to a train station somewhere on the outskirts of Birmingham and continue your journey via rail, either to Birmingham New Street, or Snow Hill (Midland Metro) stations, both of which are just a few minutes-walk from the venue.

There are a number of rail stations on the outskirts of the city that provide fast, frequent services, meaning you can enjoy a congestion-free journey into the centre. Many stations offer free parking. Click here for an interactive rail map.

Midland Metro is the light rail system which operates between Birmingham and Wolverhampton via West Bromwich, Bilston and Wednesbury. Park and Ride sites are also available along the Midland Metro route.
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