QUEST - UK Venues (6 August)

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QUEST - UK Venues (6 August)

Postby Jane » Sat Jul 23, 2016 2:20 pm

We are very pleased to confirm the following six venues in the UK for the first QUEST Quiz Grand Prix events. Our very grateful thanks to Andrew Frazer, Dave Tilley, Didier Bruyere, Ewan McNaught, John Porcella and Michael McPartland who have organised the venues - in some cases offering their own homes!

England, London - nr Warwick Avenue
England, London - Chiswick
England, North East
England, North West
England, South West
Scotland, Edinburgh

We are also hopeful of getting a venue in Oxford.

Sign up pages can all be found in the Quiz Discussion Forum pages.

We're very excited about these events and are absolutely delighted to feel so supported by you all. There's lots more coming online - the August events are us making sure all the systems work before we start to show you anything else.

Jane and Chris x

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