Highbrow/Lowbrow Scoring/Rules (19 November)

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Highbrow/Lowbrow Scoring/Rules (19 November)

Postby Chris » Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:37 pm

This combines what was, formerly, two separate quizzes. The quiz has 50 each of highbrow and lowbrow questions, it's up to the player how much of their time they devote to each from the overall 50 minute allowed for the whole paper, containing 100 questions. Each half of the quiz is scored separately out of 50. Ties aside, we rank everyone according to how they place in the better of their two half performances, and award ranking points accordingly.

So, a first place in Highbrow and umpteenth place in Lowbrow will see you earn similar rankings points to whoever topped the popular culture section, and vice versa. Where players are (inevitably) tied as regards their best finishing place, the tie is broke FIRST by reference to their finishing place in what was their less successful half of the quiz, THEN by reference to average aggregated percentage score, THEN by reference to total, actual aggregate score.

By "average aggregated percentage score" we mean an average of their two half scores after each is converted to a percentage value of the relevant top score in that half of the quiz. So, let's say you scored 90% of the top score in Highbrow, and 30% of the top score in Lowbrow, your average aggregated score would be 60%.

Tiebreak Example.
Player 1 has come 2nd in Highbrow with a score of 40, which is 80% of the Highbrow winner’s score. They were 20th in Lowbrow, with a score of 30, which is 50% of the Lowbrow winner’s score.

Player 2 has come 2nd in Lowbrow with a score of 34, which is 80% of the Lowbrow winner’s score. They were 20th in Highbrow, with a score of 20, which is 50% of the Highbrow winner’s score.

Both players best place finish is 2nd, and as both were 20th in their weaker half, they are still tied.
Player 1’s average aggregate percentage score - 65% (80+50/2) is the same as Player 2’s, still tied.
Player 1’s actual aggregate score is 70, which beats Player 2’s score of 54. Player 1 wins the tie.

Anyway, you don't have to worry about the maths, Jules's database sorts all that out. I post these details merely because you will want to know how it is done.
Chris Jones
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