3 February - QUEST Grand Prix Quiz Events

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3 February - QUEST Grand Prix Quiz Events

Postby Jane » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:54 am

So far 10 venues have been confirmed for the 3 Feb Quizzing Grand Prix: Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Grimsby, Halesowen, Liverpool, London, Middlesbrough and Rochester. (Not all are on QUEST yet). Entry fee is £12.50 plus any local fee payable to cover venue hire. Full-time students get 50% off the £12.50. To register, head to https://quest.quizzing.com

REGISTRATION CLOSES AT 9AM ON WEDNESDAY to give us chance to get the papers printed and out to the proctors. If you log in to QUEST and head to https://quest.quizzing.com/#/enter/100188 you will see that you can click on the attendees to see who is going.

Attendees so far:

Aaron Linge
Adrian Humphries
Aidan Linge
Ailsa Watson
Alan Bentley
Alan Gibbs
Alan Hodgson
Alan Sharp
Allie Livesley
Allison Heward
Amit De
Andrew Burford
Andrew Frazer
Andrew Hunter
Andrew Teale
Andrew Townsley
Andy Crane
Anne Hegerty
Anthony May
Barry Howbridge
Barry Simmons
Ben Holmes
Bob Bunting
Brian Davis
Carl Campbell
Charles Redwood
Chris Grandison
Chris Hall
Chris Quinn
Clive Dunning
Colin Foster
Dan Martin
Dave McBryan
Dave Taylor
David Cowan
David Cruickshank
David Gregson
David Hesp
David Hulley
David Knapp
David Lea
David Smith
Den Fisk
Derek Caudwell
Derek Moody
Diane Hallagan
Dick Cribb
Didier Bruyere
Douglas Arkell
Elspeth Jones
Eric Wildsmith
Galen Chung
Gareth Aubrey
Gary Morewood
George Ferzoco
Gerard Mackay
Glenys Hopkins
Howard Towner
Hugh Bennett
Huw Pritchard
Ian Bayley
Ian Volante
Ian Welham
Isabelle Heward
Jake Denney
James MacGregor
James Skinner
Jamie Hall
Jeff Evans
Jim Fergusson
John Cockerill
John Hall
John Porcella
John Rampton
John Robinson
John Wilding
John Wilson
Jon Breakell
Jon Jacob
Jon Stitcher
Josh Pike
Judith Pender
June Smith
Katy Bateman
Ken Owen
Kevin Ashman
Liam Butler
Lisa Hermann
Lucy Reynolds
Marcus Keppel-Palmer
Mark Eves
Mark Kerr
Martin Johnson
Martin Wightman
Matt Todd
Matthew Tulett
Michael McPartland
Mike Clark
Mike McCarthy
Nathan Hamer
Neil Macaskill
Neil Puxty
Nic Mortimer
Nick Archer
Nick Mills
Nicki Cockburn
Norman Wilson
Paddy Duffy
Pat Gibson
Paul Bazzone
Paul Emerson
Paul Sinha
Paul Steeples
Pete Daniel
Peter Watson
Phil Bennion
Phil Smith
Richard Appleyard
Richard Jones
Rob Sutherland
Robert Dalrymple
Ross Ferguson
Scott Dawson
Simon Chilton
Simon Dick
SJ Bodell
Spencer Pryor
Steve Cooke
Steve Dodding
Steve Lilley
Steve Rhodes
Stewart McCartney
Syd Curtis
Ted Smith
Tom Mead
Tony Walmsley
Vikash Chaudhary
Vivienne Jones
Will Gausden
Zena Hawley

Sage Quizzer
Sage Quizzer
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Re: 3 February - QUEST Grand Prix Quiz Events

Postby KenOwen » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:27 pm

Hi Jane x

Should be Rochester, not Canterbury - unless Steve Lilley has plans I don't know about!

Ken x

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Re: 3 February - QUEST Grand Prix Quiz Events

Postby Elspethparks1215 » Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:40 pm

Hi Jane and Ken

Syd and i would like to enter the Hot 100 at Rochester. Please can you include us. There does not seem to be a Hot 100 venue for Rochester on the Quest site.

Thanks very much
Elspeth x

Sage Quizzer
Sage Quizzer
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Re: 3 February - QUEST Grand Prix Quiz Events

Postby KenOwen » Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:40 am

Hi Elspeth.

I suspect it may be my fault, having created the main event, but not realising I had to do the same for the Hot 100.

JANE - sorry about this. Can you add the names for the main quiz to the Hot 100 (I imagine most if not all will want a paper at least)? I don't think I am able to do this, otherwise I would not bother you. Thanks!

Ken xx

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