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Roses Quiz 2011

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:25 pm
by andrewteale
The 2011 Lancashire v Yorkshire quiz was held today in Rainhill.

Lancashire ran out the winners by the very decisive score of 10-3. We even won Giotto's quiz consisting entirely of questions on people with a Leeds connection :)

Re: Roses Quiz 2011

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:26 pm
by Chris

Re: Roses Quiz 2011

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:23 am
by andrewteale
The teams:
LANCASHIRE: Graham Barker, Pat Gibson, Dag Griffiths, Mark Kerr, Chris Quinn, Dave Rainsford*, Andrew Teale
YORKSHIRE: Dave Bill, Ian Dalziel, Diane Hallagan, Neil Macaskill, Martin ?, Barry Simmons
*loaned to Yorkshire for the final match

There were several formats for the matches.
B = Bolton quiz league set. Basically QLL/MQL format but there is a mixture of team/individual rounds and the free pass rule applies.
L = QLL/MQL format but with the free pass rule applying.
S = Mark Kerr's "summer league" style. All questions are to the team, one point per question. Questions alternate between the other teams when answered correctly, so if a team gets their question wrong they will keep getting further questions addressed to them until they get one right. This tends to keep matches close.
U = standard University Challenge-style with starters and bonuses.
Z = straight questions on the buzzer, no penalties.
Matches were 64 questions except for II and III which were 80 questions.

Those results in full (Lancashire scores first)
I. (Andrew asking, U): 135-140
II. (Neil asking, B): 72-61
III. (Martin asking, S): 37-35
IV. (Mark asking, U): 260-120
V. (Ian asking, L): 56-59
VI. (Dave B asking, L): 51-41
VII. (Chris asking, Z): 30-27
VIII. (Dag asking, S): 39-38
IX. (Dave R asking, U): 170-155
X. (Diane asking, L): 54-56
XI. (Pat asking, S): 30-24
XII. (Graham asking, Z): 35-20
XIII. (Barry asking, L with Leeds theme): 39-38