Quiz authoring application

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Quiz authoring application

Postby Therion » Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:21 pm


I can't say that I'm a quiz fanatic but simply an enthusiast. I enjoy running quizzes that actually taking part in them. For all the quizzes I had to prepare I found it very difficult to gather the necessary material and and put it together as it involves the use of a number of applications. Maybe I just don't know the "right" tools to use (maybe somebody could point me to some). At the end I thought that since I code for a living why don't I create an application to help me setup quizzes? and so I did Smile

The application is unimaginatively called "Quiz Maker" and it's plugin based which means that it's extensible by anyone that would like to code something up to make people's life even easier. So far I've written 3 plugins for it, a Questions round one, an Audio round one and a Photo round one. Moreover, it supports a special type of plugins I call "Providers" that enable users to get quiz material into the application. I've written 3 providers so far, 2 to get questions from some websites around the internet and an audio one that downloads audio files from YouTube Very Happy Finally, I've also written another smaller application that I call "Quiz Runner" which takes input from the maker application and quiz runners can add teams and run the quiz.

The software hasn't been used for an actual quiz yet as I'm still developing it and the help is not amazing but it's free for anyone that would like to give it a go and give me some feedback . So please contact me if you are interested and I'll send you a latest version.


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Re: Quiz authoring application

Postby Courtjester » Fri Oct 31, 2014 5:20 pm

Don't know if this is relevant but if you want to compile a quiz on a multitude of topics go to quizballs.com/quiz site you can pick bespoke quizzes or have it compile one for you.


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