iQa World Quizzing Championships UK Fantasy Game

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iQa World Quizzing Championships UK Fantasy Game

Postby Jane » Mon May 14, 2012 3:22 pm

Many thanks to Paul Philpot who, once again, has created a Fantasy World Quizzing Championships game for us!

From Paul:

This game is a bit different to previous attempts, but I hope you will enjoy. I should be able to provide a small prize too.

There are 2 parts to the game, with the aggregate score declaring an overall winner.

*I have decided to limit this game only to those who are entering the real 2012 World Quiz Championships*

Note: If you are taking part from an overseas venue, you are most welcome to join, but the individual (Part One)results relate to the UK venues only (ie Lichfield and Edinburgh).

Part One:
List the Top 10 placed UK competitors.

If your choices match those who actually finish in the Lichfield Top 10 you will score 1 point.

If your competitor exactly matches their actual finishing position ,you will score 2 extra points

Results are based on the best 7 genre scores

For example:
My choices
1st Pat Gibson 2nd Kevin Ashman 3rd Jesse Honey ...................10th Andy Tucker

Actual result
1st Kevin Ashman 2nd Pat Gibson 3rd Jesse Honey.....6th Andy Tucker....10th Chris Quinn

I score 4 points for matching 4 players PLUS 2 bonus points for guessing Jesse in the correct position –
Giving a Part One total of 6.

Part Two:
List the top 10 performing countries.

Countries will be scored by their top 3 performers. These scores will be added together to give a national score.(England,Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland count as seperate countries and not the 'UK')

I will then create a league table based on these aggregate scores.

Again, 1 point if your country finishes in the Top 10,with an extra 2 points if you correctly predict their finishing position.

A list of UK competitors will appear on the site.

Hope that all makes sense.

Any entries or questions e-mail me at
You can also send entries via Facebook or the Quizzing site

I also intend to set up a Facebook page for Fantasy Quiz entrants only, so you may have to ‘ask’ to join.

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