Jesse Honey - World Quizzing Champion 2012

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Jesse Honey - World Quizzing Champion 2012

Postby Jane » Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:20 pm

The World Quizzing Championships 2012 saw the field crushed by a new Champion - another member of the England quiz team. Jesse Honey confirmed he has what it takes to be "the future". With him having finished a full nine points clear of the field - a remarkable margin given the strength of the players he left in his wake - it is staggering to contemplate just how much better the 34-year old from London could get!

That Jesse is capable of improving mustn’t be doubted. His modest demeanour suggests he’ll be alert to a continuing threat from all corners of the globe and he’s unlikely to be resting on his laurels. His recent capture of the lead in the British Quiz Association’s Order of Merit (he’s the first person ever to supplant Pat Gibson at the top of the rankings) confirms his capacity for sustained effort, and brilliance.

The UK is currently celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of a ruler who came to the throne in 1952. With Jesse Honey’s ascendancy in June 2012, are we witnessing the start of another long reign?

Jesse lives in south London with his wife, Helen, and 18-month old son, Tom. He works setting questions for a TV show called The Chase, and was formerly a town planner. Jesse was born in the English spa city of Bath to an American mother and English father. He studied Japanese at university, which he says helped a lot with the Yakuza question!

Nearly 2,000 people took part in the World Quizzing Championships this year. Quizzers from 36 countries all locked horns in a battle of the brains with 10 countries represented in the Top 20.

Full results can be found at

Next year’s World Quizzing Championships will take place on Saturday 1 June all over the world. See you there!

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