Derbyshire League Needs a Team

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Derbyshire League Needs a Team

Postby Chris » Fri Jul 11, 2014 4:48 pm

Founded in the early eighties, the Derbyshire Pub Quiz League is one of the longest established leagues in the country, and with 29 teams, also one of its largest. Its region extends from Chesterfield in the north to Burton-on-Trent in the south. Those 29 teams need to be restored to the 30 enjoyed in the season just past to minimise the weeks that any team must be without a match.

The DPQL would welcome enquiries from any group of keen quizzers in Derbyshire, East Staffordshire or the immediate surrounds who would relish spending their Wednesday evenings locked in friendly competition in a pub. Prospective teams from the northern half of the League area, that is, points north of Derby, say, would mesh in particularly well.

DPQL quizzes are an unusual blend of team and individual questions, and matches provide a full evening’s entertainment, with a duration which approaches that of a football match. The League is organised as four divisions, an upper and lower in the north half of the region and the same in the south, with a view to ensuring matches are competitive while limiting travel demands. Examples of the League’s question sets can be accessed on its website, via the “Sample the World of Quizzing” link. The League season starts in early October and continues until late April.

League Chairman David Edwards would very much like to hear from any prospective new teams, or anyone seeking further information or comforting words on the subject. Email And three new teams would be an even more welcome prospect than one! Teams interested but not wishing to dip their toes to that extent might be interested in the DPQL’s “cup” competition, the “Open Trophy”, which as the name suggests, is open to teams who do not play in the League. There could be room for anything up to four or five “guest” teams in next season’s tournament.
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