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Quizzing Circuit Events

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 4:21 pm
by Jane
Thank you so much to the event hosts and participants today! I can now confirm that QUEST events will take place as follows:

3 Sep: BQC, Lime Tree Park WMC, Coventry CV4 9BQ
1 Oct: QUEST Local Venue GP
3 Nov: 3rd - 6th Nov, Quiz Olympiad in Athens.
2 Dec: British Open - QUEST Local Venue GP
7 Jan: Coventry GP Lime Tree Park WMC, Coventry CV4 9BQ
4 Feb: QUEST Local Venue GP
4 Mar: St Crispins, Duston (Northants GP) NN5 4XD
1 April:QUEST Local Venue GP
6 May: QUEST Local Venue GP

You are welcome to start thinking about where events can be held, but there is an application process and there will be a new event sign-up facility on the Quizzing site, so please don't start promoting or publishing details of your plans before you've spoken to me or we will end up in a right old mess.

Please contact me ( for an application form.

Jane x