Quizzing in the Klang Valley

Here you will find archived news items that, while no longer current, are nevertheless interesting enough to preserve for later perusal and reference.
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Quizzing in the Klang Valley

Postby Chris » Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:51 pm

Here's a link to a piece from a Malaysian newspaper (online version) about quiz activities in the pubs of the Klang Valley. A 'league' has been organised by linking results from quizzes run on consecutive weekday nights in a number of venues.

It's nice to know that the twin joys of quiz and pub culture are available to our friends on the other side of the globe. And if you're puzzled regarding one of the venues in the Klang Valley - CJ's Bistro - no, it's NOT the 'C.J.' of the De Mooi variety!

There appear to be some European expats attending this quiz!

The Star Online piece is something I came across thanks to Facebook connections with Movin Miranda, an ex-pat Indian quizzer. He has long and continuing associations with the Karnataka Quiz Association - that's the highly regarded, Bangalore-centred outfit who are organising and inviting us to participate in 'Mindsweep', the solo international quiz we're running alongside (i.e. after) our regular Quiz Grand Prix activities on 7 January 2012, in Coventry.
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