World Quizzing Rankings - Introduction

Since March 2012 we've been running the 'Hot 100' quiz around the world every month in order to calculate the World Quizzing Rankings.
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World Quizzing Rankings - Introduction

Postby Jane » Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:20 am

One weekend a month, will be running an event across the world that will give out World Quizzing Rankings points. This paper is called The Hot 100.

Here's how it works:

The British Quiz Association produces a quiz of 240 questions for its members. From this paper the Hot 100 will be picked from questions with an international flavour (ie: nothing parochial). These questions will be available for purchase by IQA nations' representatives around the world to run their own events with.

The Hot 100 paper is a written test that will take 45 minutes to complete. The answers will be read out at the end and the scores collected and emailed over to for entry into the World Quizzing Rankings scoreboard.

You can sit the paper on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday, as long as the results are received by 10pm GMT on Monday. Because people are sitting the paper on different days, we ask that you do NOT discuss them online before the stats are published. When the stats go live, we will open a thread for discussing that month's quiz.

In the UK, we run the individual event followed by lunch and a team quiz to make a full day's quizzing. Other countries are free to do whatever they like - as long as the Hot 100 is run in the prescribed manner.

The stats themselves will be broken down by country and by region as well as giving overall rankings. At the end of the year, we will create the International Order of Merit that will recognise people's achievements. If you have a look at the Order of Merit that the BQA runs, you'll get an idea of what that will entail. viewforum.php?f=14

More about how the stats will work, how many events you'd need to attend etc. will be posted when we put up the trial run scores. And more precise details about how to run the event along with a sample question paper will be sent to the IQA reps later this week.

We're really looking forward to seeing you all quizzing against each other around the world regularly and very much hope that lots of you will support us with this.

Jane and Chris x

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