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World Quizzing Rankings - Stats

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:41 am
by Jane
Many thanks to everyone who took part in the trial run of the Hot 100 this weekend. It's been really useful for us to iron out some possible glitches before we throw it open to everyone.

Trial Run Statistics - These Will NOT Be Included In The 'Real' Thing

How The Rankings Are Calculated

As you can see, we are going to be able to show you overall world rankings, rankings by country and by region. The other figures you can see are worked out like this:

Event Ranking Points
The highest scoring person(s) is considered to have 100 points. Everyone else's scores are then worked out as a percentage of the highest score to give their rankings points. So, if the highest score was 70 and I scored 35, I'd have 50 points because I scored 50% of the winning score.

Scoring Average
This is like a batting average in cricket or baseball and represents your percentage of correct answers from all the questions you have ever attempted.

Cumulative World Ranking Points
The total World Ranking points for the season.

The season will run from March - February. Your top 8 scores will be counted towards your final score. At the end of the season, the Cumulative World Ranking Points (only) will return to zero.