February 2020 UK Quest Grand Prix - Results

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7 Sept - British Championships, Duston + Edinburgh satellite
5 Oct- Quest GP, local venues
2 Nov - Quest GP, local venues
8 Nov, European Quizzing Championships, Sofia (Fri-Sun)
7 Dec, Quest GP, local venues, UK and overseas (British Open)
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February 2020 UK Quest Grand Prix - Results

Postby WiseOldOwls » Sat Feb 01, 2020 6:19 pm

It looks like all of the February 2020 UK Quest Grand Prix scores are now in. Sorry for the delay, one of our principal venues had wifi problems and I just knew some of their “big beasts” would be in among the medals. Anyway, the scores are now online (link at the foot of this piece).
We here in Quizzing Towers add our voices to those among the 179 participants across the UK who will thank Mark Preston for supplying this month’s GP set. There are a goodly proportion of scores through the ton-barrier. We normally expect circa 20-25% of players to get through the 100-points-barrier, today we had almost 44% break through it.

There are special shout-outs to Stephen Dodding who was back in the medals, taking Silver in ACH; Andrew Teale who top scored in CIV, with a (debut?) bronze in the genre for Mark Eves. Alan Gibson was back to wining ways in ENT and Oliver Levy topped the field in LIFESTYLE – a debut win in that genre I think (?). Anyway, congrats to all the medallists, all of whom are listed a little further down this piece.

We heartily congratulate Kevin Ashman who got back to winning ways, topping today’s field with a very creditable score of 131.2. We should say also that he was denied a full-house in ACH by a question whose wording steered him from the correct answer that he’d otherwise have given. Nevertheless, we commiserate also with Didier Bruyère who tied Kevin on 131.2 for his best five genres, albeit Mr Ashman’s dropped score was much higher and so he took top spot. Paul Sinha was third (129.6), with Pat Gibson (129.3), and Oliver Levy (125.9) completing the top five.

Here are the medal positions, by genre.

Gold : 29.6 - Kevin Ashman
Silver : 28.6 - Stephen Dodding
Bronze : 28.5 - David Hesp

Gold : 27.3 - Andrew Teale
Silver : 26.8 - Pat Gibson
Bronze : 26.4 - Mark Eves

Gold : 25.9 - Alan Gibbs
Silver : 25.7 - Pat Gibson
Bronze : 24.7 - Kevin Ashman

Gold : 26.7 - Oliver Levy
Silver : 26.5 - Didier Bruyère
3rd = : 26.3 - Ailsa Watson
3rd = : 26.3 - Phil Smith
3rd = : 26.3 - Stephen Dodding

Gold : 27.8 - Paul Sinha
Silver : 27.4 - Nick Mills
Bronze : 25.7 - Pat Gibson

Gold : 28.5 - Kevin Ashman
Silver : 28.4 - Gareth Aubrey
Bronze : 27.7 - Martin Webb

Many thanks to all of the competitors, and of course to the proctors - for your continued support/help. Our next UK Grand Prix is on Saturday, 7 March, and is a multi-site event (i.e. as opposed to the usual local venues) WITH THE QUIZ AVAILABLE ONLY IN DUSTON (Northampton), EDINBURGH, and WARRINGTON.

You can view the full results HERE. Once again, thanks all for taking part and for supporting/facilitating the event.

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