Sad news: Ken Owen

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Sad news: Ken Owen

Postby Jane » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:28 am

I'm very sad to have to tell you all that our friend, Ken Owen, has died suddenly. I don't know any details, but I will let you know where and when his funeral is when I can.

Ken's been coming to our events for over a decade and so I know that very many of you will know him. Indeed, he's been one of our proctors, hosting a QUEST quiz this Saturday. His email to me afterwards was jovial and so his passing is a great shock to me personally.

He also hosted one of our most popular quiz circuit events for many years, which was always followed by a great curry and pub evening.

He'd only recently lost his friend and fellow quizzer, Dick Cribb, so I know this will be a double blow to their Medway quiz team-mates.

RIP, Ken.

Lots of love

Jane x

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