October Grand Prix Results

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October Grand Prix Results

Postby Chris » Sat Oct 05, 2019 4:46 pm

All of the October UK Quest Grand Prix scores are in are now online (link at the foot of this piece).
Everyone here at Quizzing Towers – and no doubt most of our 164 participants today, if not all of them – thank Rob Hannah for another great set of questions. It is apparent from the scores that his quiz was certainly an accessible one, with over a quarter of the field through the 100-points-barrier and a median score of 88.4 overall.

We heartily congratulate Didier Bruyère who has once more topped the field, with a massive score of 141.4. Runner up was Pat Gibson (138.7), Mark Grant was third (131.5), with Scott Dawson (131.2) and Kevin Ashman (130.6) completing the top five.

Here are the medal positions, by genre.

1st = : 28.5 - Ian Bayley
1st = : 28.5 - Mark Grant
Bronze : 28.4 - Pat Gibson

Gold : 28.7 - Mark Grant
Silver : 28.6 - Didier Bruyère
Bronze : 27.7 - Kevin Ashman

Gold : 28.3 - Scott Dawson
Silver : 28.2 - Clive Dunning
Bronze : 27.6 - Paul Sinha

Gold : 28.5 - Didier Bruyère
Silver : 27.7 - Scott Dawson
Bronze : 27.6 - Pat Gibson

Gold : 29.7 - Didier Bruyère
Silver : 28.8 - Pat Gibson
3= : 26.5 - Barry Simmons
3= : 26.5 - Ewan MacAuley

Gold : 27.9 - Didier Bruyère
Silver : 27.3 - Michael McPartland
Bronze: 26.6 - Pat Gibson

We thank everyone for taking part, and a special thank-you goes to the competitors proctors - for their continued support/help and efforts to launch our national, Team Quiz League today. Our next UK Grand Prix is the first Saturday in November, i.e. the weekend before this year’s EQC in Sofia. Safe journey and “good luck” to all players from the home countries (and beyond) who are making the trip, and we’ll see you in Bulgaria!

Full scores are HERE.
Chris Jones
Director, Quizzing Ltd., BQA and iQa

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