BQC2012 - notified/expected competing Pairs

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BQC2012 - notified/expected competing Pairs

Postby Chris » Wed Aug 22, 2012 1:52 pm

Herewith a list of those Pairs either notified to me or which I am otherwise aware of will be competing on 1 September.

If you have agreed a Pair please let me know and I will add the two of you to this list. Those unable to find a pair prior to the event will be allocated one at random on the day.

Pairs Competing in 2012:

Alan Gibbs and Didier Bruyere
Andrew Frazer and Phil Smith
Andy Tucker and Iain Thoms
Anne Hegerty and Gary Grant
Barry Simmons and Diane Hallagan
Bob Thompson and Dave Bill
Dave Taylor and Mark Walton
David Edwards and Nic Paul
David Lea and Kathryn Johnson
David Stainer and Olav Bjortomt
Ian Welham and Paul Philpot
Iwan Thomas and Scott Dawson
Jesse Honey and Sean Carey
John Wilson and Neil Mackaskill
Keith Andrew and Tim Westcott
Kevin Ashman and Pat Gibson
Mark Cooper and Sam Goodyear
Michael McPartland and Stewart McCartney
Chris Jones
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