British Quizzing Championships 2013

Here you will find archived news items that, while no longer current, are nevertheless interesting enough to preserve for later perusal and reference.
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British Quizzing Championships 2013

Postby Chris » Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:31 pm

Congratulations are in order to Kevin Ashman who regained his British Individual title yesterday, finishing with a little bit of blue water between him and Pat Gibson, who he also partnered to a first-time British Pairs title for the two of them. They've won the European title previously playing together but never the domestic version. Pat Gibson, a former British and World Champion himself, won the very first British Pairs title in 2006, partnering Dr Ian Bayley.

We were delighted to have 123 competitors yesterday, slightly over a third of which were at satellite venues in Dublin and Edinburgh. This was the first time we've had major satellite venues, and the first time we've been joined by quizzers in the Republic. While none of the competitors in Dublin or Edinburgh made it into the top 20 overall, we did however see a Silver medalist in the Entertainment category in Edinburgh and another Silver medalist in Lifestyle in Dublin. Very well done to Mark Rae and Dan O'Malley respectively.

The other solo BQC event staged yesterday was a 'special' High/Low-brow quiz. This was stormed by former British individual champion Sean Carey who top-scored in both parts and seized ALL the laurels. Well done to him on that amazing result!

The BQC Individual honours are distributed as follows...

Winner, Individual title: KEVIN ASHMAN
Runner-up, Individuals : PAT GIBSON

Art & Culture:
G: Kevin Ashman
S: Andrew Frazer
S: Andy Tucker
S: John Wilson
S: Pat Gibson

G: Dave Lea
G: John Wilson
B:Andy Tucker
B:Kevin Ashman
B: Peter Watson

G: Nic Paul
S: Iain Thoms
S: Mark Rae

G: Dave Lea
S: Dan O'Malley
B: Chris Quinn

Physical World:
G: Eric Wildsmith
S: David Edwards
B: Kevin Ashman
B: Pat Gibson

Sport & Games:
G: Tim Westcott
S: Gareth Aubrey
S: John Wilson
S: Kevin Ashman


Below is a graphic showing the final placings in the 'Monobrow' quiz.

Understand that the quiz had 60 Highbrow and 60 Lowbrow questions. Initially players were ranked according to their finishing place in what was for them the best half of the quiz. Then, after sorting everyone according to this initial criteria, any ties were decided by determining which player(s) had the superior secondary placing (i.e. in their respective weaker half of the quiz). While Sean Carey topped the finishing places in each half, another player, Didier Bruyere had identical scores in each half (albeit his better finish was in the Highbrow part), and no less than two pairs of players had exactly matching scores across both halves of the quiz!

In the graphic below Blue-shaded scores/placings indicate a player having a better Highbrow finish, i.e. "Highrank"; Red indicates stronger relative performance in the Lowbrow half, "Lowrank".


Finally details of the Pairs Quiz.

The first graphic shows the 36 participating Pairs arranged by total scores after the final round (all Pairs answered all questions, whether eliminated from the knock-out or not). Those Pairs whose reference number is backed in purple made the semi finals. Past winners David Edwards / Nic Paul took the prize for the top scoring Pair not to make the semi. David Stainer / John Wilson are due the prize as top scoring scratch Pair (those formed on the day and whose names are backed in light blue). Due to an error on my part their prize was given to the pairing of Gareth Kingston / Steve Dodding (runners-up in this context) but I can at least make amends by sorting out David and John with a Prize (and due recognition) after the event and anyway, the prize wrongly given-out was immediately and generously donated to a charity quiz to be held in memory of the late Dave Masters - so all's well that ends well in that regard, if David and John can forgive me their well-earned and due round of applause on the day?! :oops:

I should also take this opportunity to apologise to all for the probems with the spreadsheet which led to undue delays after round 1. I'm humbly grateful to all for their patience during the regrettable hiatus :(


Chris Jones
Director, Quizzing Ltd., BQA and iQa

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