QUEST - Part 1 Launch (Outside of the UK)

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QUEST - Part 1 Launch (Outside of the UK)

Postby Jane » Sun Jul 10, 2016 9:49 pm

We would be delighted for our friends abroad to join in with the British Quiz Circuit. It is important for you and your fellow players to remember that you are being invited to join in with our existing league and that there will be questions that are very British in nature. That said though, there will also be a lot of international material in the individual quiz and the Hot 100 is entirely international.

You are very welcome to play along and you will be able to see how you perform against each other and against everyone else, but you will not gain British Rankings Points. This is because we want to maintain the integrity of the system that we have built up over many years in Great Britain.

We are now calling for venues. Applications to run venues need to be with us by 7pm UK time on 22 July. Venues will be announced on 23 July along with detailed instructions about how to take part.

The following information explains what’s required of host and also invites you to let potential hosts know that you might be interested in taking part in their area, so please do read on…

How to apply to host a site

We welcome applicants who would like to host an event. Applicants should be individuals applying as part of or on behalf of the IQA in your country. You will need to consider the following:
• Is there good WiFi at your venue? This is essential to submit scores and resolve any queries.
• Do you have a good working laptop? You will need this in order to access our results uploading page. You are probably better using a laptop than a tablet as it will be easier to enter the scores if you have a bigger screen and a proper keyboard.
• Is the venue quiet and does it have plenty of seating for the number of participants you hope will come along?
• Is the venue accessible? People will be travelling by car and by public transport, so it’s good to have parking on site and a train station nearby. We also have a number of players who have disabilities, so good disabled access is very helpful.
• Do you have someone who is not participating who can receive and print out the questions and provide them to you in a sealed envelope to be opened in front of the room?
• Will you be able to attract at least six players (including the proctor if he/she is playing)?
• Is there already an event in your area/country? We will refer all requests from individuals to the IQA representative body in your country.

What are the duties of the host?

• To send Jane the details of your venue at least two weeks before the event, so she can put them up on the web. (This will change with further releases of the software, where you will be able to post details of your event yourself.) You can promote your event via Meetup and whichever resources are available to you in your area.
• To enter the names of the quizzers coming to your venue into the system two days BEFORE the event.
• To follow existing rules of the quizzes as run in the UK.
• You will have from 1pm UK time on Saturday until 3pm UK time on Sunday to play the quiz and to get the answers into the system. Full rules will be sent to all hosts.
• To input the results into our system in timely fashion – by 3.00pm UK time on the Sunday immediately after the event. (This will change later as people will be able to enter their own results. When this happens, the host will need to check the results that have been entered and assist anyone who is having problems uploading theirs).
• To ensure there is no cheating.
• To collect players’ monies and pass on to Quizzing after deducting any share you are due.
• To liaise with Jane who will inform you of all decisions rejected or upheld via a special group.

What’s in it for the host?

• The event host gets to play for free. If the host isn’t playing, he or she can pass their free place on to an individual (perhaps as a prize or a gift) or to the group, reducing the price for all players. Or you can sell your free place. It’s entirely up to you.
• In addition to this, once you have 10 or more paying players, the host will receive £1 for each of these paying players. We hope this will either make a bit of money for an individual, or raise money for a quiz league or charity. Again, this is up to you.
• The host will also be able to keep £1 of every player’s entry fee to cover printing costs.
• So, for the first 1-10 paying players, the host will keep £1/player and will get to play for free. For all additional players, the host will keep £2/player.

Can we do more than the BQA’s individual quiz and the Hot 100?

Yes. We are very happy for you to run team quizzes or whatever you like as part of your event, just so long as this does not prevent you from posting Grand Prix scores etc. by the due time and as long as players can just play the Grand Prix and Hot 100 if they wish.

Initiatives to prevent cheating and maintain the integrity of the events and British rankings points

The integrity of our event is very important to us and to quizzers around the world, and we take a very dim view of people who seek to enhance their own scores to the detriment of everyone else. It really is a pointless and damaging thing to do. In order to protect our events, it is essential that:

- Venues are run by or on behalf of the IQA representative in your country
- All venues must have at least six participants. This is because the more people in attendance, the harder it is to cheat, and the harder to keep cheating a secret afterwards.
- If you suspect foul play, you can always go and quiz at the suspected venue to monitor it for yourself. Indeed, we welcome players visiting each other’s sites.
- Venues outside of the UK can only play the quizzes after those in the UK have concluded.
- Only UK sites will be able to have BQA Rankings Points. This is because it is simply too difficult to police players abroad. Two scoreboards will be published – a UK one with rankings points and a global one (including UK players) without rankings points.
- UK players, playing abroad will not be able to get rankings points for an event.

How to take part as a player

• You will need to register with your venue at least two days BEFORE the event. You will not be able to just turn up. This is because all names need to be entered into the system BEFORE the event and because it makes things very difficult for the host if they have no idea how many people want to play.
• Once you have registered, you can just turn up and play.

When will the quiz be played?

• Overseas venues will have from 1.00pm UK time on Saturday until 3.00pm UK time on Sunday to join in. This is to allow you a full 24-hour period (plus a couple of hours to get the scores to us) in which to conduct your quiz after the UK quizzes have finished.
• As venues around the globe will be in different time zones, we will expect all participants, in the UK and elsewhere, to maintain e-mail and social media silence on the questions/answers until 3pm UK time on the Sunday. Local proctors will remind players that breach of this protocol may lead to players being barred from future events.
What is the cost?
• The cost is £12.50 for the BQA individual paper, with the Hot 100 also being included free of charge. £1.00 of this is for the host (after a 10 paying players) and £1.00 to cover printing.
• Full-time students who can provide evidence of their current enrolment will be charged £6.25. £1.00 of this is for the host (after 10 paying players) and £1.00 to cover printing.
• The host may choose to charge more in order to cover the cost of the venue, food or if they are running a quiz afterwards that they wish to make chargeable. This is fine and we do not expect to receive any of this additional money. We are very happy for you to use these events as part of fundraisers for not-for-profit quiz leagues. It is our hope that these events can be used to help support the leagues and university quiz societies in particular. However, we do ask that players just be allowed to take part in the BQA element of the day if that is their wish.

What if I just want to play the Hot 100?

• It will still be possible to play just the Hot 100 under the existing rules that are laid out on the website.

Any questions?

Please direct all requests to apply to run a QUEST centre and any queries to – all successful applicants will be sent full instructions.

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