QUEST Quiz Events - 1 July

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QUEST Quiz Events - 1 July

Postby Jane » Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:08 am

We are delighted to announce nine venues for the 1 July QUEST Quiz Events in Bristol, Canterbury, Cardiff (tbc), Edinburgh, Glasgow, London (x2), Oxford and Todmorden.

Please note that I've changed the registration times to close at 11.20. This is to help the proctors, especially at the larger events, as it's very difficult for them to be registering people who arrive at the last minute while they are trying to hand out papers to people who arrived earlier. Please could we all try to help the hosts by giving them enough time to deal with everyone? With the bigger venues, we are getting an additional person to help them, but even still, it will help greatly if you could bear this request in mind. Thank you.

Cardiff: tbc
London (Chiswick):
London (W1):

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