International Quizzing Circuit - Starts in March!

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International Quizzing Circuit - Starts in March!

Postby Jane » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:36 pm

Ever fancied yourself as an International Quizzing Grand Master? Then we have some good news for you!

We are delighted to announce the International Quizzing Circuit, complete with International Quizzing Rankings and the International Order of Merit STARTING IN MARCH with the new Hot 100 Season.

For six years, we have been running a monthly international quiz called the Hot 100, and we are now going to elevate its status and make it an integral part of the new International Quizzing Circuit along with a few other events. Don't worry though, there aren't lots of new quizzes to try to squeeze in. We're restructuring what we already have.

International Quizzing Circuit events:

Hot 100 (monthly - except June)
World Quizzing Championships (June)
British Open (British Quizzing Circuit - December)
Americas Open (Americas Quizzing Circuit - October)
European Quizzing Championships Individual Quiz (November)
Americas Quizzing Championships Individual Quiz - (February)

We will be announcing the inaugural International Order of Merit over the weekend along with more details on how the circuit and rankings will work.

In the meantime, if you'd like to register as a proctor to run a quiz site we will send you an event schedule (including the Americas and British circuits, which are also available to play in) and information on what's involved, please register here:

Note: If you are already hosting a site for the Americas or the British Quizzing Circuits, you will AUTOMATICALLY get the Hot 100 at no additional cost for your players.

If you'd like to play along for fun at home (you can also play in the Americas and the British circuits for fun at home) please register here:

Lots and lots of our past questions are available for instant download online at

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