April 2019 UK Quest Grand Prix - Provisional Results

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April 2019 UK Quest Grand Prix - Provisional Results

Postby Chris » Sat Apr 06, 2019 3:24 pm

With 184 scores now in, for the April UK Quest Grand Prix, we have posted them online (link at the foot of this piece) and are issuing this provisional report. Apologies to anyone whose score comes in late and who deserves mention in the medals etc., but I think I can hazard that the top 10 etc. is unlikely to change (famous last words!).

Many thanks to everyone who made today possible, to all the attendees, all our splendid proctors, verifiers, and of course your setter, Hugh Bennett. I’m sure a shed-load of massive scores has left quite a few broad grins on quizzers faces. Thanks Hugh! Whereas we normally expect circa 20-25% of players to get through the 100-points-barrier, today we had circa 70% broach it. And there’s special shout-outs to Daoud Jackson, who aced ‘Art, Culture & History’, and to Dave McBryan, Daoud Jackson (again!), Keith Andrew, Nick Mills, Paul Sinha, who all aced the main body of the Physical World genre – and poor Keith, 30.01 doesn’t even get him bronze medal! I think this was the first instance of someone (Daoud) getting a maximum 30 points in TWO Genres in one GP. Marvellous! Well done also to Jonathon Gibson on his Silver medal in Entertainment, and to David Cruickshank & Michael Reeve for their Bronze medals in Sport & Games and Lifestyle, respectively.

And so we heartily congratulate Daoud Jackson on his DEBUT GRAND PRIX WIN. He registered a brilliant (albeit not a record) score of 142.1. Fantastic! Runner up was Pat Gibson (140.9) and Paul Sinha (140.6) was third, with David Stainer (138.2) and Barbara Thompson (137.8) completing the top five. I should mention that Anne Hegerty also had 137.8, but lost the tiebreak as her dropped score (16.1 on ‘Sport’) was inferior to that of Barbara’s, also on Sport & Games, which was 22.0. So, however, these results are also noteworthy in that this was the first time we had two lady quizzers finish in the Top Six. That’s both welcome and splendid!

Here are the medal positions, by genre.

Gold : 30.6 – Daoud Jackson
2nd = : 29.5 – Edmund Dickinson
2nd = : 29.5 – Kevin Ashman
2nd = : 29.5 – Mark Grant

Gold : 29.7 – David Stainer
Silver : 29.4 – Andrew Teale
Bronze : 29.3 – Paul SInha

Gold : 28.5 – Kevin Ashman
2nd = : 28.4 - Daoud Jackson
2nd = : 28.4 – Jonathon Gibson
2nd = : 28.4 – Nick Paul

1st = : 28.4 – Dave Lea
1st = : 28.4 - Didier Bruyère
Bronze : 28.3 – Michael Reeve

1st = : 30.5 – Daoud Jackson
1st = : 30.5 – Nick Mills
3rd = : 30.3 – Dave McBryan
3rd = : 30.3 – Paul Sinha

Gold : 28.2 – Gareth Aubrey
Silver : 27.5 – Pat Gibson
Bronze: 27.3 – David Cruickshank

Many thanks to all of the competitors, and of course to the proctors - for your continued support/help. Our next UK Grand Prix is the first Saturday in May. See you then![list=][/list]

Chris Jones
Director, Quizzing Ltd., BQA and iQa

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