August 2019 UK Quest Grand Prix - Results

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August 2019 UK Quest Grand Prix - Results

Postby Chris » Sat Aug 03, 2019 5:07 pm

OK, it looks like we may now have all of the August UK Quest Grand Prix scores in, and these are now online (linked-to at the foot of this piece). If we get any more scores in, and should they make any difference to what follows I shall amend, but I think the necessity for that is unlikely.

We had a splendid field of 165 players for this August event - I remember the days when we didn't do GPs over the high summer months, due to people being on hols etc.. To have this many play at the height of the summer holiday season is brilliant. Thanks all.

And we say thanks to Daoud Jackson for setting this month’s Grand Prix. It was Daoud’s first time setting and he did a fine job, unearthing heaps of interesting questions to pose. And doubtless one or two players were grateful for Daoud’s absence from the field, such a strong a player is he. Also ‘missing’ this month were Didier Bruyère and David Stainer, so likely there were two or three ‘vacancies’ in the top 10 up for grabs this month!

From the scores it’s obvious the quiz played hard, as we’d expected. But as always, the top players registered some tasty scores. There’s a special shout-out to Martin Wightman and Dave Harris who have taken spots in the top five. IIRC that’s Martin’s first time as high as third overall, and indeed he was only one answer of runner-up! And we also commiserate with Chris Quinn, Martin Wightman and Jeff Evans who were each just answer away from taking Civilisation, ahead of Kevin Ashman!

We heartily congratulate Pat Gibson who has topped the field with a score of 121.5, A FULL EIGHT POINTS CLEAR* of his nearest rival. Runner up was Kevin Ashman (113.6), Martin Wightman was just behind in third (113.1). David Harris (111.8) and Mark Grant (111.6) completed the top five.

*corrected, 190803 - 19.41 UK time

Here are the medal positions, by genre.

Gold : 27.4 - Pat Gibson
Silver : 25.5 - Kevin Ashman
Bronze : 25.2 – Ian Clark

Gold : 26.6 - Kevin Ashman
2nd= : 26.0 - Chris Quinn
2nd= : 26.0 - Martin Wightman
2nd= : 26.0 - Jeff Evans

Gold : 24.1 - Kevin Ashman
Silver : 25.1 - Mark Grant
3rd = : 23.1 - Scott Dawson
3rd = : 23.1 - David Harris

Gold : 24.3 - Alan Gibbs
Silver : 24.0 - Martin Wightman
Bronze : 23.3 - Davis Harris

1st = : 26.2 - Pat Gibson
1st = : 24.2 - Ken Moreland
Bronze: 24.2 - Ian Bayley

Gold : 22.1 - Paul Sinha
Silver : 21.2 - Mark Preston
3rd= : 21.1 - Colin Foster
3rd= : 21.1 - Michael McPartland
3rd= : 21.1 - Scott Dawson

Many thanks to all competitors who supported this event, and of course to the proctors - for your continued support/help. Our next event is the 2019 British Quizzing Championships, to be held (main venue) at St Crispin’s Club, Duston, nr. Northampton. We will also have a satellite venue in Edinburgh. See you all there!

Full results HERE.
Chris Jones
Director, Quizzing Ltd., BQA and iQa

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